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Door Security

Bannings have over 20 years experience in vehicle security, from small cars to large commercial freight vehicles and all forms or marine craft.

Security options for your vehicle come in several shapes and sizes, and we have access to all the latest vehicle security enhancements - car alarms and immobilisers, deadlocks and slamlocks, window tinting, plus special security film that protects your vehicle and belongings from being stolen and also protect you in the event of an accident.

Bannings also supply and install stolen vehicle recovery and vehicle asset management solutions.

We pride ourselves in being able fit a wide range of options that, where possible, are invisible or barely visible to the casual passer by. This means that the original look and feel of your vehicle is kept intact.

For more information about Door Security please call customer services on Tel: 01483 301500 or alternatively please request a free call back, free brochure or Free quote.

Security Fact!

Vehicle crime has fallen dramatically since 1997, but more than a million vehicles are still broken into, damaged or stolen every year. There's a lot you can do to prevent your car being one of them.
Home Office: 'Crime & Victims'

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