Car Headlights

Why should you make Ian Bannings your 1st choice when it comes to your Car Headlights?

Car Headlights aren’t a luxury on your car like a sat nav or alloy wheels, it’s actually a legal requirement. The dark conditions and harsh weather can make it difficult to see where you’re going – and for others to see you – so having the right Car Headlights will do far more than just lighting your way. You can buy a vast array of different headlight bulbs, with plenty of standard bulbs and numerous high-performance bulbs for those who like to modify and improve the look of their car. If you’re unsure on the right bulb for your make and model then you can always rely on our advisors to give you a hand as we have over 30 years of experience within the industry. We know it can often seem a chore replacing small parts of your car, but at Ian Bannings we are always here to offer advise and help. We stock headlights for an extensive collection of cars on the market, so chances are we’ll have the one you need. If you’re unsure, pop into our premise and we can help make sure you’ve made the right choice. We known for supplying and installing all types of Car Headlights, so if you require our services, please feel free to call us today.

At Ian Bannings we provide an excellent range of Car Headlights to customers in Guildford, Surrey, London, Hampshire and the Home Counties.

We offer digital HID lighting kits for all vehicle makes and models, whether you have OEM headlights or aftermarket lights we have a kit for you. This provides up to three times more light than ordinary headlights and using around 30% less power, HID bulbs represent an important technological step forward in mechanics, and a safer and cheaper long term solution than traditional headlights.

What are HID lights?

HID are new technologies of automotive lighting which create light by igniting a gas tube, much brighter than the metal filament in halogen bulbs. Inside a HID bulb you will find Xenon gas that requires very high voltage to ignite. The voltage is applied from the ballast at over 20,000 volts. This technology was very expensive just a few years ago, but today you can upgrade the headlights on most vehicles at a reasonable price: we can supply and fit HID Lights in most vehicles from £199.

Why choose a HID Conversion kit?

– Safety: Improve your safety by replacing dull halogen light bulbs with a Digital HID kit, creating up to 3X more light on the road. See further and prevent accidents.
– Performance: Our headlight conversion kits are designed to outlast any halogen light bulb on the market, so you can replace light bulbs less often.
– Exotic Appearance: Your vehicle will be more noticeable to other drivers.
– Superior performance and quality.
– 1 Year Free replacement warranty.

Contact us today for more information on our Car Headlights.

For more information on our Car Headlights, please call our customer services team on 01483 301500, as they would be happy to help with any queries you might have. Alternatively, you can request a FREE call back, FREE brochure or FREE quote online at

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